Merseyside Primary Schools: Reading is STEMsational Programme
June 27th 2022

Merseyside Primary Schools: Reading is STEMsational Programme

Planning activities for the new academic year? Get involved with Reading is STEMsational!

Reading is STEMsational is a STEM-focused, primary literacy project and is the product of a partnership between Heather Wright of Reading Rocks fame and All About STEM.  At the heart of the project is the desire to use great books to inspire a love of STEM, and STEM topics to inspire a love of reading. 

We’re inviting all teachers, in particular Science and/or Literacy Leads, from primary schools in the Merseyside region to join us online, on Mon 11th July, at 15:45, for a short introduction to the Programme. Attendees will be offered a chance to get involved (fully-funded) in the Autumn/Spring Term of 2022/23.

The programme is based around three curated sets of texts, themed around Conservation, Blue Planet and Engineering, each linking to the National Curriculum for Science for Years 1-6. Schools are able to loan these book sets and use them as the basis for a week of STEM curriculum and enrichment activities in school.

The sets provide enough texts for a one-form entry school and consist of: 

  • A whole school text to use as the focus and launch of the topic (12 copies)
  • Individual class sets for Years 1-6, consisting of:
  • Class driver text (15 copies)
  • Three sets of satellite texts (6 copies of each)
  • A couple of supplementary texts (2 copies of each)

The driver behind the project is not curriculum delivery. The curriculum, rather, becomes the vehicle for supporting the pupils’ acquisition of science capital and development of careers awareness and aspiration. Schools can plan a week of activities, focused on the STEM-theme of their loaned book set, enhanced by a range of student, parent and community enrichment and engagement activities, including STEM Ambassador engagement .  

You can find out more about the project in this Reading is STEMsational Project Guide. 

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