Employers: Host a Research Placement or Experience – Feedback
February 06th 2024

Employers: Host a Research Placement or Experience – Feedback

Employers or academic institutions can inspire Year 12 learners by hosting Research Placements or Experiences!

There are 5-day or 2-week placement options and students are bright, capable and can complete a variety of tasks.

If you’re thinking of getting involved as a host organisation, take a look at some fantastic student feedback – see the difference your placement could make to young people!

2023 Student Feedback: What was the best part of your Research Placement or Experience?

“Definitely the chemistry/science part of the experience such as the formulation sessions. It was fun and also informative seeing how raw materials and ingredients are used to make actual finished products that can be put in retail stores.”

“When I applied for a Research Placement I had no work experience or skills required, but the placement that was matched for me opened a huge gate to skills, experience, knowledge and opportunities. It was one of the best things that happened to me in my academic journey.”

“I improved my 3D modelling skills. I was shown what engineering was like in a real-world environment and I was doing a project that would actually impact the company.”

“Being able to work alongside such accomplished people that are making a significantly positive impact. Ward rounds enabled me to meet patients and understand their points of view. Observing processes in the laboratory allowed me to witness processes I have not seen before.”

“I liked being able to do my own research like a real scientist would, invaluable research experience and skills with reviews, referencing, report writing etc. The supervisors were really nice and always able to explain things we didn’t understand.”

“Being knowledgeable about an important healthcare topic. Having the support from a very experienced team. Being able to see hard work pay off in terms of the report and poster.”

Find out more about the benefits of hosting a placement.

Research Placements and Experiences in the North West 

Although a national programme, Research Placements and Experiences are managed by a network of regional coordinators.  This means there can be slight differences, for example with application submission dates, in how the programme runs in each area.

For information specific to our North West region, please use the links below: 

Information for organisations interested in, or planning to, host a student placement

Information for students wishing to apply to, or teachers planning to promote, the programme in the North West.

For further information, you can contact our team directly: [email protected] 

All About STEM works on lots of exciting STEM projects. As part of the STEM Learning family, we are Research Placement and Experience Coordinator for the North West and a STEM Ambassadors Partner supporting the National STEM Ambassadors Programme via the STEM Ambassadors Community.

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