Take the Alu D&T Challenge!
September 25th 2016

Take the Alu D&T Challenge!

The Alu D&T Challenge is the aluminium industry’s online teaching resource for 11-14 year olds. 

The free teaching materials are linked to the Design & Technology curriculum and provide teachers with lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and videos to help bring the world of aluminium, design and engineering to life.

The challenges are a great way to get students to start thinking creatively and put their design skills to work.

  • A vehicle for the future – focusing on aluminium in transport
  • A garden building – focusing on aluminium in construction
  • A new packaging solution – focusing on aluminium in packaging

The challenges are flexible and easy to run. They can be delivered through lessons, or as part of an extracurricular activity such as a STEM Club.

They are available online here…
alu d tLast year over 340 teachers downloaded the resources, and over 20,000 students learned about aluminium and the contribution it can make to sustainable design as a result.

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