STEAM Co: Rocket Kids Sampler & Shows!
January 09th 2017

STEAM Co: Rocket Kids Sampler & Shows!

STEAM Co are offering a ‘Rocket Kids’ sampler and shows for schools across the UK. Grab the chance to combine STEM with creativity!

The ‘Rocket Kids’ sampler is a byte sized taste of STEAM Co. inspiration which consists of a ‘Rocket Kids’ (or STEAM Inventors) assembly to the whole school, a real rocket firing, a paper air rocket workshop and a STEAM Co. briefing to staff and school community.

Some communities are arranging 4 of these half days sessions over a couple of days and staging an evening STEAM Co. Community Briefing with sandwiches and a speakers. STEAM Co will travel anywhere in the UK to do this.

Book a STEAM Co Sampler or Rocket Kids Show to kick off an arts, science (or STEAM) week or inspire staff on an Inset Day.

Visit the STEAM Co website…

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