Introducing PatternCraft Schools Workshops – 6 School Workshops & a STEM Club Special!
March 14th 2017

Introducing PatternCraft Schools Workshops – 6 School Workshops & a STEM Club Special!

PatternCraft are looking for 15 schools in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area to trial their workshops for FREE!

PatternCraft is an analogue to digital punchcard reader that teaches the fundamentals of programming and encoding data through the write once medium of a physical punched card. With links to binary and the computing curriculum as a whole, PatternCraft is a cross curricula tool that can be used for in the support of STEM activities and support soft skill development in areas of creativity, problem solving, team working and communication.

“With the support of an Engineering Education Grant from The Institute of Engineering and Technology and The Institute of Mechanical Engineers, we have been developing a set of resources and lesson plans for PatternCraft that will be shared at the end of the award period. We are seeking 15 schools in the areas of Greater Manchester and Cheshire who may be interested in the opportunity to trial our new workshops for FREE.”

Workshops will be delivered by STEM ambassadors incluidng creator of PatternCraft, Gemma May Latham (with full DBS certificate) and all equipment for sessions will be provided.

6 Core Workshops:

Binary Minecraft Animation
Explore how binary data is used to store images in the form of 0s and 1s use punchcards to
program 8×8 2D animation in Minecraft.
Encoding Data
Use punchcards to convert denary to binary numbers, encode and decode data using
Minecraft builds and write message on screen using nothing but punched holes.

Programming Turtles
Program a set of instructions for the movements of a Minecraft turtle simulation with
PatternCraft and explore how a stored program can be repeated.

Use binary to program machines, tempo and sounds in the creation of basic music

Build Infrared Detector circuit
Explore how the PatternCraft reader works by building infrared detectors using simple
components and electronic prototyping boards.

PatternCraft & 3D Printing
Use the PatternCraft punchcard reader and Minecraft to build 3D structures in layers and
understand how a 3D printer processes 3D files before printing.

Plus an additional offer for STEM Clubs:

Engineer your own reader
Design and create a housing for infrared circuit that will allow for punchcards cards to be
read reliably.

To book a workshop or discuss further please contact [email protected]

More about PatternCraft Schools Workshops


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