City of Liverpool College: Mini Big Bang Workshop 9th November – Book now!
October 05th 2016

City of Liverpool College: Mini Big Bang Workshop 9th November – Book now!

We are really excited to announce the latest in our series of Big Bang spin off events as part of the Big Bang North West events programme!

Sponsored by City of Liverpool College, to celebrate the launch of their brand new state of the art £3million STEM Labs, we have another of our ‘Mini Big Bangs’ for you to bring a group of students along to.

On the 9th of November you can book to bring a group of 12 year 8 or 9 students to an afternoon of STEM inspirational workshops at the College’s Clarence St Campus.

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The event is a free-of charge experience with hands-on, workshops & sessions provided by the College’s STEM departments. On the afternoon your group will experience 2 forty-five minute workshops:

A Circus of Colourful Chemistry: come and try some exciting colourful and reactive practical’s in our new labs! Elephants toothpaste, Chemical Chameleons and more…….!

How did craters appear on the moon? Follow in the footsteps of lunar geologists, using flour and chocolate powder, to learn about volcanoes, projectiles and meteorites.

In the DNA of every cell of the body, there is the information for building a whole new human.  In this workshop, you will extract and preserve DNA from your own cheek cells and take it away for keeps in a glass pendant.

Experience emerging technology such as virtual reality headsets and motion capture devices. Students will have the chance to demo the technology and experience live motion capture, to provide insight to game developers, indie developers and the vast possibilities across business and education.

Experience the latest in 3D printing; demonstrating how rapid prototyping is changing the face of manufacturing. See the printer working live as it creates an object from a simple filament. If you are new to 3D printing you will have the chance to discuss the process and learn more about the possibilities this technology offers.

Participants will be introduced to electronics and programming using the Arduino prototyping platform. They will learn how they could become part of the worldwide community of makers around this open-source platform that provides accessible knowledge to novices and experts alike.

Learners will be able to write their own programs and see them in action using electronic circuits, light emitting diodes and integrated development environments.

Mathematics    (In partnership with Martin Bamber from University of Liverpool)
Boring, Hard and Useless! An interactive maths session designed to help you see that maths should be none of these things and could well be your future. Expect tricks, patterns and puzzles involving birthdays, robots and the number 9

Typical timings for an afternoon like this are…
12.45 – Arrive & Register
13.15 – Welcome, formal launch of STEM labs and plaque reveal
13.20 – 1st Workshops
14.05 – 2nd Workshops
14.50 – Wrap up, evaluations
14.55 – Depart

Click here to find out more and book…

A risk assessment can be downloaded directly from the booking link & if you require further info about the events you can contact Tim on 0151 909 4812 or at [email protected]
Full joining instructions will be sent once bookings are complete!


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