Big Bang North West: Terrific Tech for Tinkerers with Little Sandbox!
May 16th 2017

Big Bang North West: Terrific Tech for Tinkerers with Little Sandbox!

We are excited to announce that Little Sandbox will be bringing coding, robotics and more to The Big Bang North West!

Little Sandbox is a technology club for kids interested in computer programming, electronics, robotics, animation and other digital media.

It’s for the tinkerers, the thinkers and those with an active interest in how this modern world works. As well as computer programming and electronics, their activities include film making, sound recording, stop motion animation and graphic design.

“An interest in computers can be a lonely thing. When your hobbies include taking the toaster apart to see how it works, it can be difficult to find like-minded kids to hang out with. So Little Sandbox brings those kids out of their bedrooms and gets them working and learning together in a fun environment!”

“As a small local technology club, being part of the Big Bang North West is a huge achievement for us and a great opportunity to let kids and schools know that we are here and eager to share our knowledge. Next year we hope to be able to enter the Big Bang Competition ourselves!”

Have you booked your school group yet for The Big Bang North West?

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